Field test: FUJIFILM X-H2S

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Photographs and Text: Alberto Saiz and Kiko Arcas

We could start these notes discussing about the main novelties that this new camera model offers us, but honestly, at this point since its launch there are hundreds of pages, videos and other media talking about it that would become one more analysis.

But what I as a photographer and Alberto Saiz as a videographer, official testers of the X-H2S, are going to talk about is our experience and sensations that this camera has transmitted to us during the months that the field tests lasted and where we were able to squeeze make the most of the new qualities of this impressive camera.

For users of the brand, we have to tell you that this camera has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the previous models of the X series. With X-H2S the brand has not taken one step forward, it has taken three and we will notice this in the speed of focus, burst speed, 6K recording, 4K 120fps, etc.

Those sensations that we talk about as nature photographers/videographers are those of having the absolute certainty that you face the work you are doing with all the guarantees and knowing that the camera will respond to the maximum in everything you demand of it and more.

Petirrojo europeo XH2S 150-600mm 1-800 F8 ISO1250

An impressively fast AF speed, tracking to the eye of the subject, in our case birds and mammals, without errors or hesitation, a speed in tracking both in photo and video that meant that the only thing we had to worry about was composing , shoot or record, it’s that simple. And what does all this speed translate into? In TIME, neither more nor less, time to compose, frame, time to think about the next photograph, nothing more and nothing less than speed and fluidity of work. You will only have to think about the next photograph or the next shot to take.

The new Fujifilm X-H2S is the camera we have been waiting for and it offers us a perfect tool for wildlife photographers and videographers. Now there are no more excuses.

Alberto Saiz
Alberto has freelanced on numerous natural history productions and feature films, as well as directing his own projects with Natura HD. A passionate ornithologist, he actively collaborates with conservation NGOs such as SEO / Birdlife, AHSA or S.O.S. Sea landscapes. He is a member of AEFONA (Spanish Association of Nature Photographers).

Kiko Arcas
Vigo photographer passionate about birds for more than twenty years, of which he has dedicated his time to being a scientific bander, to collaborating in ornithology courses for the University of Vigo, he has carried out various scientific works on the ecology of species such as the little sandpiper or the red-backed shrike and all together with his brother Jos茅 Arcas, doctor in biology and nature artist.

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