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From the beginning I have used the panoramic landscape for my works. The insistent search for timeless images and a constant game with the horizon line are the arguments I use to express myself in all my works.



As defined by the poet Josep M. Rodríguez: Intimate panorama. If I had to define the style of Luis Vioque, I would undoubtedly use that expression: intimate panorama. Two apparently opposite words, which come together and fill with meaning in each of his photographs. One of the tools I use is the German-made Noblex 135 U camera. This camera is 24 x 65.5mm format, uses 35mm film, a Noblar T f4.5/29mm prime lens and speeds 1/30-1/500 seconds, very small range but enough for my way of working , I generally work in good light and without a tripod.

The operation of this camera is very peculiar; the diaphragm is adjusted like any other, but the real difference with other types of cameras is the speed.

© Luis Vioque

The Noblex has a drum, where the objective is inserted. When this drum rotates, light passes into the body through the lens. Depending on the speed we have set, the drum will rotate at a faster or slower speed.

© Luis Vioque

Let’s say that the shutter speed of a normal camera is replaced here by the speed of rotation of the drum.

I like to use this camera as the shot covers 127¬į in one shot. Due to its peculiarity, it makes some deformations in the horizontal and vertical lines; This is quite noticeable when there is a building nearby, but this same deformation creates a volume in the photograph that I have not been able to achieve with digital software.

Another of the rarities that it has is a level incorporated in the viewfinder that helps you a lot when it comes to putting the horizon line as straight as possible.

It is an ingenious invention since the camera has a small window in the upper part that allows light to enter the leveling bubble and be seen in the viewfinder.

© Luis Vioque

The film I usually use is Ilford Pan F 50; It’s a film that I work very well with, as it has a very fine grain and good contrast. I still have the analog laboratory active and both the negative and the positive I continue to do it myself.

© Luis Vioque

Some of these images can be seen in my publications, Iceland 2018, with various trips through Iceland; Nordic, work done in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland; and Haibun, a publication edited by the University of Almería where I collaborate with poet Josep M. Rodríguez where his poetry is complemented by my photographs.

© Luis Vioque

About Luis Vioque:

In 1989 I began to be interested in photography, since then I have completed my training in a self-taught way.

Among my latest individual exhibitions, the following stand out: Galería Marita Segovia (Madrid, 2017), XVI Biennial of Photography of Córdoba (Córdoba 2019), The Soler Blasco Museum, Xàbia (Alicante 2020), Est_Art Espacio de Arte (Madrid 2021).

Collections such as Foto Colectania, the Alcobendas Collection, the Purificación García Collection or the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo CA2M have representations of my work in their collections.

I have published six books, An Imaginary Journey 2001, Mares de Portugal 2004. Océanos de arena 2010, Iceland 2018, Nórdica 2021 and Haibun 2022.


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