PIC.A School, Madrid

The PIC.A School has its headquarters in the Miguel Delibes Space, where more than five hundred students receive training annually. The city has several open-air photography exhibition spaces and hosts important exhibitions at the Alcobendas Art Center, which houses the Alcobendas Photography Collection, one of the most important public collections in Spain.

The PIC.A School works with a clear vocation to train its students in the love of photography by inspiring, encouraging and training them in the development of visual projects as a means of telling stories.


by Silvia del Barrio


Through her work, the author encompasses from symbolism and visual metaphor the immanent dichotomies of the human being. The objective of her photography is to reach the intangible through a poetic narrative that awakens emotions and sensations.

Visceral and intuitive, this author embraces and explores the material world from the sensory point of view. Insomnia is a project where, through the nocturnal geography of the city and the insomniacs who inhabit it, we get closer to the reality of people who suffer from this sleep disorder.

Insomnia is the reflection of the sleepless nights of so many night owls, unable to fall asleep. Wandering in the middle of the darkness, through the city and its geography, not only the nocturnal landscapes that distort the reality of the insomniac will underlie, but also all those fragilities and emotions that cause it: loneliness, emptiness, stress and anxiety, like elements hidden between the walls and the lights of the night.

Milana Bonita

by Ángeles Pizarro López

Extremadura is the autonomous community that has the most obsolete train in the country, which affects the poor provision of rail service, negatively affecting all sectors of the region. Transport and communications are the basis of commercial development, contributing to the wealth of the region and the well-being of citizens. Throughout the Community there is no double track, there is no electrified line, a situation that has worsened after the suppression of several lines, subjecting the population to greater isolation. The promises about new infrastructures and a railway network typical of the 21st century are delayed and postponed in time.

This project is a look at the route of the Madrid-Badajoz line as it passes through Extremadura as a backbone in the territory to discover the population surrounded by a social framework of isolation and neglect, the innocence and marginalization of a people condemned for centuries to backwardness and oblivion. Prisoners of modern society, adapted to their jobs and limited means, subject to a permanent feeling of abandonment. Extremadurans demand a decent train that will give them a future and they still do not know under what conditions it will be.

Escape by your city and stop to observe

by Marcos F. Melgar

ESCA-PÁRATE is a work of street photography, in black and white, in which two scenarios merge, the shop windows of our city and the street itself with everything that happens in it.

I intend for the observer of the photograph to spend an additional time trying to discover, as if it were a game, what appears in it: reflections of characters (in movement or not), architecture and what is behind each shop window. The images have been made in Alcobendas, Colmenar Viejo and the center of Madrid.


by María Jesús Saiz

I capture my personal experiences, creating melancholic scenes inspired by the world of dreams and fears. I make simple compositions, simple images where the space, the figures and the forms that appear, inhabit an indeterminate space and time, like that of dreams. I invite the viewer to let himself be carried away by his imagination, interpreting each image, reflecting on his own inner journey and finally building his personal story.

Representations that allude to death, dreams and consciousness, with an oneiric treatment, where the real world and the imaginary are diluted, despite being possible scenes and places, and that, in their unity, acquire a fantasy reading, dream and unreality.

Lonely images, symbolizing a state of mind. Sensations stored in the subconscious, that never happened, but that were assimilated as true, due to the cadence with which they were repeated in dreams. Fears that had apparently been blocked, isolated, to, with the help of photography, bring them to light again, stop them in time and recognize them. Capturing unlived memories, materializing the feelings they provoked, making their mark…

Project VÍA

by Alex Díaz

It all started in a tribute to Robert Frank. VÍA is a project to capture diverse views from my travel companion, a wheelchair. Gazes that penetrate, and many times not because of the camera, but because of the mere fact of being different. Curiousity? Why do we look so brazenly at what we find “different”? Perhaps we photographers have the answer and we must ask ourselves the same question, what draws our attention to press the shutter and portray a person?


by Ana Sanza Acosta

This project was born with the intention of creating a context of awareness and awareness, to deepen and explore the sustainability of natural ecosystems and their direct relationship with the waste generated by human beings. It aims to show and publicize the waste recovery and recycling sector, exposing the different spaces, processes and materials that are generated, giving a transversal vision through the contemporary industrial landscape and paying homage, in turn, to those who are dedicated to this sector, as the author’s family has done for three generations. Without this type of spaces, the human being would not have the opportunity to coexist in an adequate way with his environment, both physically, visually and in terms of landscape.

For all these reasons, in this photographic project the different waste recycling processes are valued, giving them the deserved importance they have, as they are vital for the health of ecosystems and human coexistence.

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